The best Escorts, Sluts and Sex Tourism Resorts in Marbella

Marbella is known for being one of the most important touristic cities in Spain. Located on the south of the country, this small city of 150 thousand has a coast to the Mediterranean Sea, making it a perfect spot for tourists of all countries and kinds. There are several things you can do in Marbella, but here we’ll talk about the best things you can do related with sex tourism and how to find the best escorts in Marbella.

Sex tourism in Marbella

Let’s start with the fact that there isn’t any official red-lights district in Marbella but definitively the pedestrian area at José Banús leisure port, Puerto Banús has become exactly that. You won’t find a lot of clubs as brothels or strip clubs here, but you will find a lot of street prostitutes in this zone. Street workers in Marbella have a good reputation in general, but if you are looking for a more VIP experience, we recommend you to look for VIP escorts in Marbella.

As it was already mentioned, Marbella is a top touristic spot and generally a lot of wealthy people come here. Due to this, it’s normal to find escorts or hookers who charge a lot. It will also depend on the season, but you can find fees for 200 euros half hour and 1500 euros for a whole night. If you are looking for a whole weekend, this could go up to 3500 euros or more! Now, where can you find them? Well, you can still find escorts wandering around bars or nightclubs, this used to be the most popular way some years ago. Nowadays, escorts prefer to advertise by internet since it’s safer and at the same time, they can reach more people. Further, in this blog, we’ll recommend you the best sites to hire VIP escorts in Marbella.

Another important thing that we would like to mention is that, since Marbella isn’t a big city, you won’t actually find a lot of strip clubs, massage parlors and other kind of places. Regarding brothels, some strip-clubs may work as brothels too, but the most usual is to take your hooker to a hotel or motel room.

Now, let’s see which are the best sex tourism resorts in Marbella:

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are practically universal. There are strip clubs everywhere, including Marbella of course! We assume that everybody knows what strip clubs are and what they aren’t. Just in case, let’s put it bluntly. So, a strip club can be either a bar or a nightclub and in some cases even a brothel. What makes a venue a strip club is the fact of having strippers performing to entertain the clients of the club. So, in some strip clubs you may have the possibility of getting laid with a stripper so, if you go to a strip club, don’t believe that any girl will want to get laid with you just because you have much money.
With this concept clear, what options do we have in Marbella? Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, there aren’t a lot of choices. But, believe us that the ones we have won’t disappoint you. They are the following:

Level One

We can say that Level One is the best and most complete strip club near Marbella. Located in Puerto Banús, this club is the king when it’s about organizing the best parties that includes strippers.
The place is very well-equipped. It counts with a bar which serves several sorts of drinks, from the most usual to the most exclusive. Since it’s a nightclub, of course the place counts with a dance floor and nearby you will be able to find a mini stage with a pole. Strippers perform shows several times per night and they are very skillful. Talking about the strippers, they are very hot, you can see some pictures of them here.
If you plan to visit the place, the venue is open from Sunday to Thursday from 9pm to 3am and from Friday to Saturday from 9pm to 4am.

Muelle Ribera, Ed Miramar, Casa T,Local 4

+34 647 521 859

5 Banus

If you are looking for a real VIP strip club, then 5 Banus is the best option. Most likely the most important strip club is Marbella is exactly 5Banus. It’s even attended for some Spain celebrities in the tourist season.
The venue is really well decorated. It counts with the usual. A bar which serves VIP drinks, a dance floor for those who like parting and of course, a pole for the strippers to dance and entertain their public.
Probably this club counts with the hottest and most skillful strippers, just look at these beauties by yourself in the gallery of their site.

Muelle Ribera Casa RS 112 Puerto Banus

+34 673 062 400

Club Bell Air

If you are looking for a different experience, you should consider Club Bell Air. In this case, the venue isn’t a nightclub but an American Bar in which, of course, there are strippers working.
The venue is located in Estepona, toward the west of Puerto Banús, and it’s really elegantly decorated. Besides, the girls working there are beautiful and very kind.

N-340, 29688 Estepona, Málaga

+34 952 88 86 58

Other strip clubs recommendations

Massage Parlors

If the atmosphere of noisy and crowded nightclubs isn’t for you, and you are looking for a place where you can be in peace but at the same time enjoy of sex, massage parlors are the perfect solution for you. First, let’s define the concept. So, it’s kind of obvious, in these places you can get massages and since we are in a guide that is about sex tourism blog, indeed, these are massages with happy ending. How exactly do they work? The process is simple, you just go to the place, a girl will talk to you and take you to see the other girls. There you choose one and then go to take a shower and after that, straight to the room with the masseuse you chose. There, you will get your massage and some extras depending on the masseuse and how much you are willing to pay.
Regarding massage parlors in Marbella, there are several interesting options so, we decided to choose the best according to us and share them with you. Let’s see:

Casa Masa

Are you looking for an all-in-one massage parlor? Well, Casa Masa counts with practically everything, from rooms for normal massages to a BDSM dungeon to get more kinky. Let’s see the place in more details.
Located in a convenient area in the center of Marbella, Casa Masa counts with several facilities. First, the parlor has several rooms, all of them decorated in different ways to give different vibes to its clients. But, the beauty of the rooms are nothing compared to the beauty and elegance of the masseuses who work here. There are around 20 massage professionals of all ages and nationalities. The prices of the massage are fixed, but you can negotiate the extras with the masseuse. Besides, all of them are really well-trained and are able to perform a lot of different kinds of massages, check their website to have more information about massages and prices since there are more than 10 varieties!
Still talking about the rooms, there is even a BDSM dungeon for those who, apart from wishing a massage, desire to accomplish other fantasies being dominated by some of the most beautiful masseuses of the city.
This isn’t all! The venue also counts with a fancy bar where you can order VIP drinks and then, go to the lounge, swimming pool, jacuzzi, terrace or stay in the bar to chill out, drink and even talk with some girls who aren’t working at the moment.
This is an extra, but the place also counts with an own hotel. Check here if you want to know more about it.

Calle Victor O’hayon Taplero, 39, Marbella

(+34) 680 55 46 14

Passion Massage Banus

If you want a VIP and luxury massage parlor, Passion Massage is an excellent resort for you. Just with seeing the interiors of the place, you realize that it’s a parlor beyond the usual.
There are several rooms and all of them have a different kind of decoration, but definitively all are very fancy. There are colorful carpets on the floors and extravagant pictures on the walls. Literally, you won’t know if you are visiting a museum of art or a massage parlor.
The place is stunning, understood. What about the girls and the massages? Well, this massage parlor offers several options both in masseuses and kinds of massages. Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos of the massages professionals on their website at the moment, but they do show the catalog of massages offered. There are around 10 different kinds of massages, including a BDSM massage!
The place is open every day from 11AM to 1AM.

Muelle de Ribera casa YZ, nº13, Málaga

+34 610 19 83 20

Banus Massage

Banus Massage is an affordable but still excellent option if you want to get an excellent massage and a happy ending. Located in a premium location right in pedestrian area in the Port Banús, this massage parlor has everything to be considered perfect.
The place counts with several rooms. They might not be luxurious as the other clubs, but definitively they are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities for you to have an excellent experience in the place.
As the other parlors, this one also offers around 10 different varieties of massages with happy end. Regarding the masseuses, there aren’t pictures available, but most reviews about this place are positive so, you won’t regret visiting it.

Calle Ribera. RS maison. Local 101,

(+34) 635 789 373

Angels Erotic Massage

As the name of the place suggests, the massages professionals who work here are like angels. Not only because they are beautiful but also because their touch is so professional that they will make you feel as if you were in heaven, and we’d better not talk about the happy end.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any pictures of the parlor, but critiques says that the parlor is an excellent option for those looking for something more casual and not so fancy. Regarding, types of massage, here you can get around 10 different kinds of massages, including tantra, four hands, prostate and even domination!

Puerto Banus, Marbella

+34 613 65 78 89

Hana Tantra

There is a lot of people who likes that the massages are performed by Asian massages professionals. In some way, it makes sense since most of these massage varieties were invented somewhere around Asia, so getting them done by “natives” is a plus. If you are in this group of people, we can recommend you Hana Tantra. This massage parlor is composed by 3 Asian masseuses, and it seems they are pretty skillful.
This parlor is smaller than the others, but if you want an actual Asian resort, this is what we have. So, they offer 4 varieties of massages and work both in-calls or out-calls.

Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Marbella

+34 631 851 204

Swinger, Lifestyle and BDSM Clubs

In this section we are including 3 different categories which in general can be related. Normally, these clubs are just called swinger clubs, but if you are into this, you most likely know that here happens more than just swing. Let’s start explaining these concepts before heading to more details. So, swing is basically exchanging couples, lifestyle clubs refers to several practices such as voyeurism, threesomes, orgies, some forms of nudism and more. The last one, BDSM, to put it bluntly, is about the practices of submission and domination and sadomasochism. Knowing this, you can have a clearer idea of what you are going to see here. Important to keep in mind that you will never be obliged to do anything that you don’t want. You can just go and see, if the participants of an activity want to be observer, or you can join them if they accept it.
So, what options do we have in Marbella? Well, there is just one in the city of Marbella. If you want more interesting swinger clubs, you will have to go northeast, close to Málaga, to find some other lifestyle clubs. Let’s see them:

California Club Liberal

California Club is the only swinger club that you will find in Marbella, as we said. The place isn’t the best of the best, but it accomplishes its mission.
So, what does the venue count with? We have to admit that the club counts with good amenities for all tastes. Let’s start in the bar, which is very well decorated with lights and has a good catalog of drinks. Moving to the most interesting parts, California Club counts with some private and also communal rooms which seem to be pretty comfortable and well decorated. If you are a darker person, the following amenities will appeal to you. There are BDSM crosses, beds, glory holes and more. You can see some pictures of their main facilities in their main page.
The place opens every day from 9:30pm and you might be wondering, can I enter being a single male? The answer is yes! This club allows it.

Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 0, Marbella

+34 697 429 196

Kamelot Torremolinos

Kamelot is a swinger club in Torremolinos, pretty near the city of Málaga. Probably one of the most complete swinger clubs ever. The place counts with everything and several environments from the most quiet to the most morbid.
What does the club have? First, when you enter the club, you can go to the lockers’ room in order to leave your things if you want. There, you also have the showers in case you need them before or after the action. And of course, we can’t forget about the bar, which serves premium beverages for all tastes. If you happen to be a smoker, there is a special room for you too.
Nice introduction, now, let’s see the sexual parts of the club. As most swinger clubs, there are several private rooms, some of them are just for few people and others are huge for orgies, bukakes, gang-bangs and that kind of activities. And there is more, if you want to get kinky, the club offers a dark room, a glory-hole hall, a BDSM dungeon, a room for massages and even a stripper stage.

Av. Carlota Alessandri, 10, Torremolinos

+34 670 423 396

Tentación Swinger

If you happen to be in Torremolinos, another good swinger club that you could visit is Tentación Swinger. When you see the facilities of the place, you will be literally tempted, as the name of the place suggests.
Talking about the amenities of the place, the club has the same as most complete swinger clubs. There is a bar, private and communal rooms, play rooms for all kind of kinks including BDSM and more.
Something different that this club has compared to the others are the thematic days. From Thursday to Sunday, the club host parties with different themes. For example, let’s say that Thursday is threesome day, it doesn’t mean you will be obliged to participate in a threesome, but people who like it will be more incentivized to do it and so on.

C. Capitulaciones, Nº 38, Local 1, Torremolinos

+34 615 994 922

Escorts Online

As it was previously mentioned, the best way to find escorts in Marbella and everywhere in the world is through internet. The reasons are obvious, more security and the ads can be easily widespread! The questions now is, where exactly? The sites are countless, and the scams too! Before recommending you the sites, let us share you some advice and a short explanation of how this works. If you are a veteran and consider you know all you should know, go ahead to the links.

What to consider before hiring an escort online

So, for the newbies, you can hire escorts in escorts agencies or in escorts directories. The first is like an online brothel (not really, but imagine it like that). So, the place hosts some girls, takes care of them and bring them advertisement. How to identify an online escorts agency? Well, if you click on the profile of a girl, you will see the phone number of the agency instead of the escort. Try with several escorts, if many possess the same number in their description, it’s because you have to contact the agency to hire them.
What about escort directories? Well, there are several times, the most common escorts directories are sites which work like a kind of social media where escorts share their profile or just simple advertisements. In general, you will find the less experimented and cheapest escorts in these sites. It doesn’t mean they will be ugly or that their services will be bad. But, something that you should be careful is that if you find a girl that is extremely hot, be careful, because creating false profiles in these sites is very easy, and you could be scammed.
The other kind of escorts directories are more serious option. They count with a system of validation of profiles, and the girls who have been checked will get a badge of “verified”. Then, we have the premium options, where escorts have to pay to appear on the site, and they have several categories like diamond, gold, silver, etc.

Best websites to find escorts

Most sites will be in Spanish and yes, the cheapest escorts will generally speak online Spanish or a very basic English, so keep that in mind!

This is a premium escorts directory where girls have to pay in order to appear in the site. There are several categories such as Platinum, Gold and “Perfectas”. So, as we said, escorts have to pay to appear in a higher category. The site is pretty famous, and you can be sure that the escorts found here are reliable and actual VIP options.

“De contactos” is a better option if you are looking for cheaper and more casual escorts. This site works with the system of sharing publications. So, be careful and try to check the veracity of the pictures with Google before paying, specially if the escort seems too good to be true.

This is a classic option worldwide. Here you will find from VIP escorts to cheaper options. Definitively a recommended site with a lot of verified escorts. If you want to know more details about an escort in particular, just click on her profile, and you will be able to read more about her.

Another popular option in Spain. Here, a lot of escorts post their ads. Most likely, you won’t find VIP options here, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find good escorts. Anyway, as more sites, click on their photos to see more details. Remember, always try to verify if the photos have been stolen from other site or escorts before hiring. and

These sites are actually the same. Apparently, one of the directories is hosted in Spain and the other in the UK. Anyway, this isn’t relevant for you. The site will work as any other. We can say this is the average option. Escorts count with profiles here, and they can verify it, which is very helpful for them to be trusted and so, find more clients. Something interesting about this site is that escorts are displayed in order of publication. Meaning that you will have the newest at the top. (Agency)

This site is an agency, meaning that all girls are real and that you have to contact the agency and can’t contact the escort directly. So, in this agency you will find a huge catalog of escorts of all kinds. Press on the profile of a girl to see more details and photos. (Agency)

This isn’t just an online escorts agency, but it also has a physical place in Marbella. It’s a luxurious villa! You can visit the place and talk with some of the escorts and even hiring them in the act if they are available. Talking about their website, you will be able to find lots of escorts working in the area and surroundings and also, some massage professionals!

Sex shop

We never know, but we could need to buy a new toy, or other kind of lingerie. So, we are going to recommend you some sex shops in Marbella for you to keep in mind.

Boudoir Erotic Boutique

Being the only sex shop in Puerto Banús of our list, this store is pretty complete. It sells from typical toys to the most exclusive BDSM gear. The place counts with several nice reviews, so definitively you will get good products and a good service here.

Address: C. Las Violetas, 4, Marbella
Phone number: +34 642 740 142

Grupo Picante

Located in the center of Marbella, the name of the place in Spanish says it all. Picante means spicy, and that word describes this shop pretty well. The products of this store aren’t so different from other sex shops, but we have said that is the best option if you are around the center of the city.

Address: C. Notario Luis Oliver, 7, Marbella
Phone number: +34 951 819 215

Sex Shop Fantasy

Also located in Marbella, this shop is more focused on kinky products. So, if you are looking for fancy lingerie or exclusive BDSM toys and gear, we recommend you to this shop.

Address: C. Víctor de la Serna, 5, Marbella
Phone number: +34 952 825 864

Nudist beaches and resorts

In general, these places aren’t sexual. They are just resorts where people can be undressed and enjoy being like that. Of course, sex is forbidden is nudist beaches and when it comes to nudist resorts, it depends. Usually you aren’t allowed to do it in public, but there is no problem if you do it in a cabin.

Playa Nudista Artola, Cabo Pino

If you are a naturist, then you are lucky because this beach is located just 10 km away of Marbella. The place is beautiful, the waves aren’t so violent, and the water is pretty clean. The only disadvantage is that the beach isn’t fully naturist. How so? Well, legally talking, you can be nude in any part of the beach. But, the beach is also popular among casual families. So, the west side of the beach (The closest side of the beach to Marbella) has become into the nudist part of the beach. The beach isn’t so far away from the urban area, so don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to reach the place.

Click to see location


Almanat is probably one of the biggest naturist clubs in the region, and we dare to say in the world! The place is so big that it even seems a small town. Check this link to see their map. The club is open the whole year, and you can rent a parcel or bungalow for all the time you want.
The place is equipped with several amenities such as an indoor swimming pool and also an outdoor swimming pool. Besides, the club counts with a sauna too! There are a lot of places to do sports such as soccer pitches, ping pong tables and there is even a gym! And of course, there is a restaurant and a bar where you will be able to be naked. The resort is located practically on the beach, so in good days, you can get in the sea.

Click to see location

+34 952 556 462

Laws and prostitution

If you are from Spain, then this section may be irrelevant for you. If you are from other country and have your doubts about what it’s legal and what not in Spain, stay with us!
First, in the constitution of Spain, there isn’t any line that says whether prostitution is legal or not. Since, there isn’t any law that regulates the activity, there isn’t anything wrong on doing it since it isn’t illegal. Summarizing, being and prostitute and hiring their services is totally fine. Now, the problem is when it’s about PIMP and sex trafficking but, this is the same in most countries, so nothing new.